Medical Weight Loss Programs

1. Lifestyle Change     2. HCG         3. Fast Track.


We have a 90% success rate in keeping the weight off because we emphasize healthy lifestyle habit formation that ultimately produces a lean body. All of our programs include:

1. Laboratory testing -
For safety and the need of adjunctive components (see bottom of page).
2. Provider visits 
3. One-on-one counseling 
4. Detoxification 
5. Fat burning vitamin injections - This is how we synergize conventional and natural treatments to help you lose weight, for good.

Lifestyle Changes (Lose 1-3lbs per week)

Includes the usual 5 components above and features prescription diet pills that keep hunger at bay while your body adjusts to its new weight, and you develop the habits that keep the weight off. 

HCG (Lose 1/2 to 1lb per day)

Includes the 5 components above and features Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG). HCG helps your body stay out of starvation mode while you burn fat safely. Toward the end of the program, our counseling sessions help you transition to the healthy lifestyle that keeps the weight off naturally. 

Fast Track (For weight loss goals that are greater than 50lbs)

This includes both the HCG program then the Lifestyle Change program.weight-loss

      Adjunctive Components are for:

        a. Insulin resistance - natural and medical             treatments that restore healthy metabolism
        b. Inflamed digestive tract (Leaky Gut) - to                   heal the lining of the digestive tract so it                      stops leaking fat-storing toxins into the body.
        c. Bio-identical Hormone balancing - over the                 age of 40, these become imbalanced which               stunts fat burning and, make you feel like a             basket case!
        d. Pain in muscles or joints like the back, hip,                 knee, and shoulder - we use manual                          manipulation and Prolozone therapy
        e. Vascular disease like heart attack and stroke,              we use IV Chelation therapy
        f.  Fatigue - IV Ozone and Myers' Cocktail