IV Vitamin C Therapy

IV Vitamin C Therapy

What is IV Vitamin C Therapy?

IV Vitamin C Therapy is the use of high doses of Vitamin C to unlock some fantastic healing abilities that our bodies are capable of. Did you know that many mammals actually generate their own Vitamin C? They do - to the tune of 30,000mg or even more when stressed with illness or injury. Vitamin C at these levels unleash powerful immune responses to regenerate tissue and kill invading microbes. In the human stress response, however, we see a rise in each precursor to Vitamin C but we are missing the last enzyme in the production line. Humans are unable to manufacture our own Vitamin C. It is extrapolated that humans would produce 25,000mg to 100,000mg of vitamin C to deal with stress. It is impossible to ingest that much Vitamin C by mouth (causes stomach pain and bloating). It is quite easy to achieve those levels of Vitamin C in the blood via the intravenous route. Studies show that once the Vitamin C is there, our bodies utilize vitamin C as deftly as any other mammal.

What Health Problems is IV Vitamin C Therapy used for?

IV Vitamin C Therapy is most commonly used for chronic fatigue, chronic pain, chronic infections, auto-immune disorders, and to shorten the course of colds or flues. Since Vitamin C is a substance our bodies are very adept at using for any kind of stressor at all, IV Vitamin C Therapy is extremely versatile in its application.

What Happens When I Go To Receive IV Vitamin C Therapy At SynergyMed?

Receiving IV Vitamin C Therapy at SynergyMed is a low-stress experience. SynergyMed provides comfortable chairs for you to relax in during the therapy. You may nap, read, surf the internet or chat with other participants. IV Vitamin C Therapy involves the intravenous (IV) infusion of Vitamin C by our highly trained staff. Like all infusions, administering Vitamin C into the bloodstream allows us to bypass normal digestion, absorption and liver filtering. An infusion session lasts about 3 hours and is typically done on a weekly basis. Since the number of sessions is more important than the frequency, they can be done up to three times per week or spread out to twice per month. Clients who follow a more diffused schedule typically don't feel the benefits as directly as those able to come more frequently.

How Many Sessions of IV Vitamin C Therapy will I need?

IV Vitamin C Therapy usually requires 30 IV sessions over 4 - 7 months, followed by monthly maintenance. The number of sessions can vary based on your needs.

Is IV Vitamin C Therapy Safe?

IV Vitamin C Therapy has an excellent safety record when administered correctly. Our overseeing doctors are highly trained and with SynergyMed's attention to safety and protocol, side effects are rare. IV Vitamin C Therapy is contraindicated in a rare condition called G6PD deficiency.

Is There Evidence That IV Vitamin C Works?

Yes, here are some links that you may find helpful.

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