Chelation Therapy


What is Chelation?

Chelation is the process of removing heavy metals from the body. The therapy was discovered serendipitously in Detroit when auto workers showed great improvement in their heart health after being treated for lead poisoning.

What Health Problems is Chelation Used for?

Chelation is most commonly used to improve circulation. Whether as an alternative to bypass surgery or stent placement, a method to restore circulation to gangrenous diabetic limbs, or a preventative for heart disease, chelation works by removing excess free-floating metals from our blood stream. This interrupts the process of atherosclerotic plaque development. Freed from the constant irritation of these ionized metals, the body is able to repair plaqued areas and blood can flow more easily through the vessels.

Chelaton has also been used successfully in the management of chronic pain, chronic fatigue, auto-immune diseases, hypertension, atherosclerosis, poor circulation and diabetes. Some people even do chelation preventatively, especially if they have a strong family history of heart disease or cancer. Chelation is a vital component of any anti-aging program. chelation removes the heavy metals that damage cells and decrease the ability of the body function. chelation is a powerful, affordable method of taking control of your health.

What Happens When I Go For Chelation Therapies?

Chelation therapy is a comfortable experience. SynergyMed provides reclining chairs for you to relax in during the therapy. You may nap, read, surf the internet, watch TV or chat with other participants. Chelation therapy involves the intravenous (IV) infusion of an amino acid derivative called EDTA by our highly trained staff. Like all infusions, administering EDTA directly into the bloodstream allows us to bypass normal digestion, absorption and liver filtering. Chelation infusions last 3 hours and are typically done on a weekly basis. Since the number of sessions is more important than the frequency, they can be spread out to one time per month. Clients who follow a more diffused schedule typically don't feel the benefits as directly as those able to come more frequently.

How Many Sessions of Chelation Will I Need?

Chelation therapy typically requires 30 IV sessions over 4 - 6 months, followed by monthly maintenance. The number of sessions can vary based on your needs.

Is Chelation Safe?

Chelation has an excellent safety record when administered correctly. Our overseeing fully accredited doctors are highly trained and with SynergyMed's attention to safety and protocol, side effects are rare. Occasionally, clients temporarily experiences headaches, nausea or dizziness.

Is There Evidence That Chelation Works?

Yes, are some links that you may find helpful.

$30M NIH Funded Randomized Double Blind Controlled 10-Year Multi-Center Trial to Assess Chelation Therapy:

Author of Bypassing Your Bypass and The Textbook of Chelation Therapy, Dr. Cranton provides a thorough review of Chelation therapy and Chelation research. He was integral in developing the American College for the Advancement of Medicine protocol that we use at SynergyMed.

Dr. Cranton's Summary of Chelation Research:

Metanalysis of Chelation Research:

Dr. Cranton's Summary of Chelation Action:

History of Chelation Therapy:

2010 Townsend Letter Article about Chelation:

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